The Skin I’m In

Last night I dreamt that I was walking through a field and I came upon the enormous, shed skin of a python. According to the Internet, this means I am being reborn into something more suited to my growth. I miss my family. The moments together, just being. A table full of snacks while we watched a movie. Spontaneous picnics in the park while the grown ups covertly sipped wine and watched the kids play, or lay on a blanket with a book. Sunday morning breakfasts with perfectly-cooked bacon. These are the moments I have to re-create in my own… View Post

The Light-Dappled Leaves

*Trigger Warning. Please proceed with your heart held close. When I was a little girl, maybe eight years old, I was chased from the swing set on our neighbourhood playground and tackled in the bushes by a fourteen year old boy. Troy was pretending he was in a trance, and that he’d become possessed by a demon. He sat on top of me and wrapped his hands around my throat, and there was no pretending in the strength of his grip. Troy made me realize for the very first time that I could die. The only thing I remember once… View Post

Introducing The Nightcap

At the beginning of September, I invited those of you who are following my Facebook Page to join me live, from my new apartment, for a nightcap to toast my new life. Your response kind of blew my mind. I feel encouraged to keep going with these live hangouts with you. At the end of the first live session, I invited your questions on life, love, sex, parenting, polyamory, and relationships, and I have some juicy ones to tackle when I return on September 24th at 9:00 pm EST. To comment during the live cast make sure you’re watching via… View Post

The Colour of My Eyes

I remember what it feels like to fall for someone. As they take up real estate previously occupied by mundane tasks, until even mundane tasks seem joyful. I imagine how they’ll look at me when they first see me again, after a little while. How they’ll idly touch me because it feels so easy and natural to touch me. How they’ll show me all the beauty they have found as they move through their days. I’ll want to cook for them, and drink too much wine with them. We’ll stumble into my bed and emerge only when we need a… View Post

This Broken Heart is Full

Yesterday I found a hawk feather on the sidewalk on St. Paul Street. Despite the gusts of wind, the feather lay in wait. I decided it was waiting for me. Five months officially in this new life. I’m about to move into my tiny new home, and make a go of thriving on my own. I didn’t see these changes coming until late December, and despite how hard I fought against them, even then I knew they were inevitable. I wonder if the trees try to hold onto their beautiful leaves so tightly? If you had told me then that… View Post