A Winter White Holiday Mantel

Hello lovelies! Around here, we’re thick in the throes of some serious merry-making. The kids are thrilled to be finished school, and we’re about to get down into some epic gift creating and sugar-free holiday baking. Despite my busy schedule, I’d never want to leave you out in the cold, so today we have a post from a brand new Elite Club Member, Dana Ruprecht. Dana is an interior designer who is building the most beautiful blog and design business over at Hearth and Gable. With our Winter Solstice Celebrations in mind for tomorrow, I’m thrilled to be able to share her Winter White Holiday Mantel, to inspire and delight those of you who are passionate about design, and help all of us create more light and warmth in our homes during the winter darkness.

a winter white holiday mantel

Anyone who knows me, knows my passion for fireplaces. And it is the mantel for which I have the utmost admiration and respect.

Photo: www.angelandblumewordpress.com

Photo: www.angelandblumewordpress.com

The mantel is one of my favourite architectural details, and if you’re lucky enough to have one, then you can already appreciate it as a focal point of beauty and interest in your home. And it is never more so than during the holiday season.

I personally tend towards a traditional Dickens Christmas decor. In the past, my mantel designs have featured a lot of deep reds and woodsy greens, and a cozy, rustic or primitive influence. More Father Christmas than Santa Claus, if you know what I mean.

winter white holiday mantel

So, this time around, I wanted to challenge myself to try something different – something fresh and bright – by taking my inspiration from the outdoors. I wanted this mantel-scape to feel like snow, and that crisp, hale feeling you get when you take a deep breath on a cold winter’s day.
I started with a blank slate. Well, except for my curious cat.

a winter white holiday mantel

I swapped out the vintage oil painting that usually hangs above my mantel, with a large mirror. I love the wreath-on-mirror look, and I knew I wanted boxwood. I tied it on with a simple, white ribbon.

winter white holiday mantel

The mirror I bought was fairly large, and I needed something tall on either side, to balance it out. I auditioned a host of lanterns and accessories. Although fun and beautiful, none of these made the cut. Sorry, fellas. It’s not personal, it’s design.

winter white holiday mantel

The key to beautiful holiday decorating is real greenery. Hands down. (Also, avoid cheap, plastic ornaments, but that’s a whole other blog post.) After a lengthy search of epic proportions, I finally found fresh boxwood branches at my local grocery store, of all places.

winter white holiday mantel

… which were then almost consumed by my (again – very curious) cat.

winter white holiday mantel

Stately, all-season lanterns from Pier 1 were the perfect pair for my mirror! I added some whimsical winter birds with birch bark wings and tails because CUTE.

winter white holiday mantel

I found these cozy cable-knit “reading socks” to use as stockings, but they seemed a little empty.

reading sock

… so I filled them up!

stocking #3

And, voilà: the final design! I added large pinecones and twine-embellished wooden snowflakes to create a kind of centerpiece, and hung a few snowy glass globes on the boxwood branches. I also strung white lights into the greenery, but it’s too bright to see them!

mantel-full stockings-1

I had so much fun documenting this mantel design. Here are a few more photos from my delightful winter decorating day for your enjoyment and inspiration!

bird on branch

stocking #1

wreath & pinecones-1

mantel-side view-1


Mirror, wreath, twine snowflakes, glass ornaments, Homesense

Lanterns, birch bark birds, deer ornament, Pier 1

Grey “Reading Socks,” Chapters

Fresh boxwood and greenery, Fortinos

Dana Ruprecht
Dana RuprechtFounder and Designer, Hearth and Gable
My name is Dana Ruprecht and all my life I have nurtured a great love of house and home. I always dreamed of having my own space to decorate, to escape to, and to create in.

Hearth & Gable Interiors is an extension of the passion I feel for my own home and family. “Home,” at times, means different things to different people. Sometimes, we open the door and invite the world in; at other times, we close the door to shut the world out.

A relaxed and beautiful home blends style with function, and transcends passing trends. I believe that the comfort and ambience of our surroundings can influence our lives for the better, and I want to help people achieve that in their own homes, their own world.




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