Happy Friday darlings. Back by popular demand, we’re returning to our weekly sex post in Playboy Mommy Land, and just in time for what the people of the Internet have declared #adultsexedmonth. Timing is everything, isn’t it?

I don’t know who decides which issue will be the trend of the month, but this particular topic is one I can really get behind. Sex Education is vastly important for our children and teenagers but I’d say it’s just as essential for us adults. Our sexuality evolves with us, and changes as we change, and it’s a part of our health that is as important as the rest of our physical wellness and mental harmony. You would never stop getting your annual check up, or stop reading the latest health news, so please don’t neglect the important physical, spiritual, and mental vitality of your sexual self.

Whether you are single, partnered, poly, young in your adulthood or old you deserve to experience a healthy sexual relationship with yourself and with others that is everything you desire it to be. There’s a crazy notion, right? Mass media suggests that only the physically fit and artificially attractive should enjoy getting it on. I suggest that’s a crock of shit. Our sexual selves are as unique as we are, and the only way to ever really celebrate them is to truly discover what our sexuality means to us.

So, as we continue through this Adult Sex Ed Month, let’s explore what our sexuality means to us, shall we? Maybe you’re young and on fire and you’re thirsty for every sexual adventure you can imagine. Maybe you’re dealing with extraordinary stress in your life, and you are yearning for a physical outlet that goes a little deeper than hot yoga can take you. It could be that sex is something so terrifying to you, imagining a healthy sexuality is beyond your scope. Perhaps you’ve been married for 50 years and a cocktail of medications have things not looking as “up” as they once did. Maybe you’re the dirty-minded old lady I one day hope to be. Whatever your reality, let’s see what we can learn about our sexual selves each week until the end of June.

Adult sex ed need not stop because our month is up. Stick with me kids, and we can continue this exploration together. Let’s find the latest and greatest discoveries in science, lingerie, lotions, potions and gadgets. Open your hearts and minds and embrace the idea that you are a pilgrim. Imagine that this territory is uncharted, and take each step like it’s the first. Consider how far you’ve come since you were new to realizing your sexual self as you understand it today. If you look down that winding path, it’s truly like you are at a whole new place. Let’s start here, where we are today, and boldly endeavour to educate ourselves all over again about sex.

I welcome any and all questions and requests for advice, and I will answer them anonymously here. I invite you to contact me at info@playboymommy.com




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