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Happy Tuesday lovers!

I’m feeling much better today, but I decided to stay home and work all the same. Of course, that meant I had to bulldoze my way to my tiny desk in my cluttered bedroom. I look forward to the not-so-distant future and more space to call my own. Until then, work can’t start until all the toys and clothes are put away, so I’m a little late to the party. To make up for it, I’m going to share some of the awesome upcoming stuff on my horizon.

The Feminist Porn Awards

I was super excited when I was asked to cover the upcoming Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto April 15, 16, and 17th. It’s the 10th anniversary of these awards, celebrating porn created for and by feminists, and as you can imagine, it’s always a great party. Frankly, porn of any kind has been low on my radar since we moved in with the in-laws. I realize that’s a lame excuse, but I will have LOTS of catching up to do if I’m going to be able to see everything on the extensive list of nominees. In my eyes, this is a worthy research project to invest my time in, even if I can’t see them all. If you would like to join me in this research, a full list of the films nominated this year, as well as the films that have won in previous years, is available on the Feminist Porn Awards website. ATTN FILMMAKERS: if you have a screener of your film, I’m very happy to review your nominated work. Just email me here.

Healthy Body, Healthy Baby

I’m not pregnant, despite my (not so) hilarious April Fool’s statement, but when this guru floated into my inbox I took note. Maybe because she’s hot. Maybe because she’s both a fitness model, a trainer and a transformation coach. Maybe because she’s a cop. Maaaybeee because she has four sons. WTF woman??? Like you don’t have enough going on, you also need to put your amazing talents on video and help the masses? Here’s a little snippet of Nichelle Laus’ seriously kick ass Healthy Body, Healthy Baby workout series:

Super mom Nichelle Laus is a proud Toronto police officer, a fitness coach and competitor, a motivational speaker, and a fit mom of four! Her passionate love of fitness is a secret she cannot keep to herself. In fact, she often gets emotional about it. She wants every mom out there to discover the happiness she discovered when she embraced this determined healthy life. So, Jeeperz Crow partnered with her and is thrilled to release their first Canadian made fitness series for moms! Every month, during her own fourth pregnancy, she designs a fitness video catered to expecting moms. Starting in her second month, and ending four months post baby gives you a full year’s worth of exercise videos for the cost of a one month gym membership. She is the pregnant best friend who suffers right along with you through the growing pains, in the comfort of your own home. Let Nichelle guide you on this journey as she herself has successfully done four times before.

I want it, because it looks like an incredible work out, even if you aren’t preggers. I figure that the degree to which I am out of shape puts me on par with the average seven-month-pregnant North American woman, so it will all work out. Get it? Work Out? Ugh. Don’t take if from me, check out the world of Nichelle Laus for yourself here on her glorious website. (Nichelle, Imna look you up once we have our own place again, and I’d like to test run your videos.)

Use common sense and consult with your physician before starting any new workout routine.

More of What You Love

I miss my opportunities to talk to you, with my actual voice. This need was largely satisfied by my hosting duties with Les Coquettes, but now that the troupe has retired, I find myself looking for new ways to chat with you. That’s why I’m hard at work creating my new podcast series called The Passion Project. Inspired by my motto “Live With Passion, Tell Your Story” The Passion Project features the inspiring lives of the real-life men and women in my own circle who are pursuing their dreams and living a passionate life on their own terms. I hope to be ready to launch by the summer, so if you’d like to be the first to know, email me and let me add you to the Playboy Mommy Family. You’ll also get my monthly newsletter, with awesome free stuff and tidbits you won’t find here.

A Gift To You

Grown Up Doodles

Doodle by Charlene LeBlanc

I’ve been wracking my brain for a way to create a little present for you. Something of value, in exchange for you signing up for my Playboy Mommy Family. The answer came to me via Facebook, and the amazing and wonderfully playful work of my (super hot, badass) friend Charlene (Chuck) LeBlanc, who designed this lovely, mindful doodle. Charlene and I are collaborating on a guided journal and colouring book that we will make available for free to those of you who sign up for my Family Perks (see sign up form below). If you join the family, you’ll get my monthly newsletter, plus any promo offers and giveaways from sponsors, in addition to special news and updates before anyone else is in the know. By filling out the form below, you’re letting Chuck and I know that you are eagerly awaiting your beautiful meditative colouring book and journal, your very own space to play!

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