A Book About Masturbation Every Woman Needs

One of the great perks about building a life around passion is getting my hands on a variety of tools to help normal people just like you and I live more passionate lives. When I learned that the owner of my favorite sex-positive boutique in Toronto had published her first book, and that it was about masturbation, I was very excited to get my hands on it, so to speak. Sex Yourself is such a great title, isn’t it? A call to action like that leaves little room for excuses, and it’s the kind of passionate fun anyone of us can enjoy, whether or not we’re partnered up. If you’ve never read a book about masturbation, this is an amazing start. If you love sex manuals and sex education material as much as I do, you’re going to need to add Sex Yourself, by Carlyle Jansen (Quiver Books) to your permanent collection. Read on, and I’ll tell you why.

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Ten Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

Today’s post is an excerpt from my upcoming book Keeping It Up: A Guy’s Guide to Great Relationship Sex.  Most women have no problem talking about what’s on their minds when it comes to sex. It just takes the right person to ask the questions, and the lid to Pandora’s box slides right off. After interviewing hundreds of readers, here are ten things women wish men knew about sex.

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Masturbation for Women

Dear Cat,

Can you please write a post about masturbation for women? I’m 24 and I’ve never had an orgasm. My boyfriend thinks if I masturbate more, it could help, but I’ve never really been into the idea. Is he right? 


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Sexy Role Play Scenarios

Full Disclosure: This post is one of several sexy role play scenarios,  written in the spirit of adding some playfulness and passion to the bedroom. I thought of it while watching that hilarious episode of Modern Family where Clair and Phil go to a hotel bar and pretend they’re meeting for the first time. It’s a very detailed script complete with hair and makeup video tutorials and (affiliate) links in case you want to buy some of the props and products suggested. Enjoy!

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How Bees Can Help Your Mojo

Today we have the pleasure of a guest post from our friends at Beekeper’s Naturals, a company based here in Canada passionate about preserving bee populations and promoting health through their line of bee products, including their popular propolis throat spray

We want to help you be the queen (or king) bee surrounded by hot worker bees that want to meet your every need. Consider this, in each hive there is only one queen bee and she will mate with 12-15 drones. That’s a lot of action! The queen will lay anywhere from 1500-2000 eggs per day which seems to indicate that bees are the Barry White of the insect world and may have some mojo that can be passed on to us humans!

Check out these 3 bee products to help ramp up your dating life.


Ever lean in for the kiss and get the cheek? One way to better your odds of getting some lip service is to keep your breath at its best. Propolis, the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal product produced by the bees has powerful effects on your oral health. In fact, Propolis has also been shown to be effective as a secondary treatment for gingivitis and plaque. Stock up on the propolis and get ready for a night to remember.

Bee Pollen

Once you’ve met Mr. or Mrs. Right, you might take it to the next level and get your groove on in the bedroom. Unfortunately, things like hormone imbalance and bad circulation can sometimes ruin the mood. There are many men and women out there who struggle with lowered testosterone levels, which can affect women’s ability to reach orgasm and can lead to a lowered sex drive and erectile dysfunction for men. The good news is that bee pollen which is a mixture of bee saliva and plant nectar contains gonadotropic and estrogenic properties, which help to regulate hormone levels, and has been known to improve sexual stamina. Pollen has also been shown to benefit circulation, which contributes to the body’s ability to reach orgasm by bring more blood to those essential areas.

Royal Jelly

You’ve met ‘the one’ and now you want to expand your perfect little family. An important tool for in your bee arsenal may be royal jelly. Royal jelly is honeybee secretion that is used as nutrition for the larvae and queen in the hive. Royal jelly (and bee pollen in fact) has been shown to be effective in cases of infertility. The jelly contains a complex compound that stimulates glandular secretion and normalizes the reproductive system of both women and men while bee pollen increases estrogen levels in women, which stimulates ovarian function and the release of healthy eggs during ovulation.

Remember, bees are amazing creatures who give us so much. Try some of the goodness they have to offer and then give back by learning how you can help keep bee populations thriving. Organizations such as the Canadian Honey Council, which is the voice of the Canadian beekeeping industry, and the American Beekeeping Foundation can give you information and a way to donate.

Follow the team at Beekeeper’s Naturals and stay up to date on the latest buzz through their Bee-log!

About Our Guest Blogger:

Jackie McCaffrey is currently studying Holistic Nutrition at the Institute for Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Canada. She is passionate about using food and natural health products for healing and for reaching and maintaining a balanced and happy life. She is particularly interested in teaching and educating others and is excited to do so through her writing and speaking engagements. You can follow Jackie on twitter (@jaxmccaff), facebook (Jackie McCaffrey-Holistic Nutritionist) and Instagram (@Jaxmccaff).