Discover Passion

It’s Time to Discover Your Passion

Here you’ll find all kinds of ways to discover your passion in the many, many forms that passion can manifest. These posts are reflections on the importance of passion, the value of giving ourselves permission to be passionate, and practical guides to naming and exploring the passion within.


As I’m building my journal therapy practice, a big part of […]


People keep asking me if I’m okay.

It’s a yes and no answer because ultimately, I know I will emerge intact, and I […]


It’s the full moon. The first of two in the month of October. My friend Jenny Arndt tells me that this moon is […]


There are days when all the walking in the woods doesn’t clear me of the desire to scream at the top of my […]


I’m not convinced it was supposed to go down like this.

When we met, I felt like I was pulled into his orbit […]

My Name, In Lights

I shouldn’t have agreed to go.

To the couples’ therapy session we’d waited a month for, I mean. A month that felt like years. […]