A Frolicking Good Time

Who doesn’t love to wake up to a vigorous game of chase? 6:30 am today felt like a jolly old British farce. I was mostly asleep, and certainly alone, and Toulouse (my lover boy of the four-legged black cat variety) was curled up next to me. Toulouse is ten, and has been ten since I’ve known him. When I adopted him, I wanted a cat who knew a thing or two about life. I thought he’d be a little cool and aloof, and that we’d exist happily without getting into each other’s way, but as it turns out he’s affectionate… View Post

My Ficus was Limp and Other Adventures

I realized yesterday I’ve been forgetting to water my plants. After I gave them all a drink, they instantly seemed to perk up. It’s basic, and simple, and somewhat inane to even mention here, but then I started to look at my own perkiness, which has been lagging. I need to start to treat this body like a temple again. Now that the Fortress of Solitude is fully functional, I have no excuses. I think I’ve got to return to my former, impeccably healthy eating habits, and start to cook. I’ve missed cooking. Nothing else zens me out or gets… View Post

Something is Very Wrong

The only things in the Fortress of Solitude that run on double A batteries are the remote controls for my electronic devices. It’s time to take action people.

Breathing Deeply Now

Jack in the Pulpit IV – Georgia O’Keefe Move through me. The time has come for usto finally visit this place.Your face is one thousand shades of gentle and your liquid eyes have never changed still I know them still they know me. Whatever, however, whenever… If this is only fleeting,slightly breathing, just grazing where neck slopes gently into shoulder where arm and torso share a valley where thigh and belly brush fingertips as they pass each other in the hall Part of you will stay behindas you always have, and bring me closer to knowing,to feelingwhat quietly whispered pieces… View Post

Sometimes It’s Just Zen

Today was marvelous. Thanks universe. My creative juices are making me drool right now, and that’s how I know the full moon is approaching. It’s actually Saturday, for those of you who aren’t in the know. I remember a time in the tender bud of my youth, where I was entangled in a romance with witchcraft. For each full moon, I would make sure that I had a lover lined up (when appropriate), and I would fill my bedroom with fresh flowers (I carefully researched the symbolism of these flowers, of course) and candles, and incense. I’d take a really… View Post