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The key to a life of soulful satisfaction and lasting happiness is passion. That’s right, passion. Without it, the pilot light in the core of our being gets snuffed out, leaving us constantly yearning for things we can’t always name. How do we live a more passionate life? How do even begin to know where our passions lie? I won’t lie, it’s a process that requires reflection, patience, creativity, and above all else self love like you never imagined. I know you’re capable of it. I know you have it in you. I know you are an inferno of passion deep down inside, and I’ve got a tinderbox with your name on it.

This site is devoted to creativity, wellness, spirituality, and sensuality. I talk about sex with the same open, playful, frank approach that I tackle subjects like writer’s block, or learning how to skate. I believe that passion comes in many forms, and we have many opportunities to connect with passion throughout our lives. The time has come for you to embrace your passions. Let’s get started, shall we?

A Little Bit About Me


Cat Skinner. Mother, Author, Passionpreneur

By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m Cat Skinner. Catherine, actually, but I usually go by Cat. I’m kind of a Renaissance person because I’ve worn an awful lot of hats in my life. I’ve been an actor, an event coordinator, a costume designer, an artistic director, a marketer, a showgirl, a professional speaker, and a writer. Why so many careers? The easiest explanation is to tell you that I have a lot of passion, and I’ve always been good at exploring the things that get me excited.

I was about eight years old when I discovered that my outrageous imagination was going to make me stand out from the herd. The worlds I was able to create spared me from the cruel injustices of schoolyard bullying and awkward pubescence. To say I was a nerd is an understatement, I was the quintessential Ugly Duckling. Thankfully some unknown force helped me realize that one day, I would have the life I’ve always wanted.

In order to have that life, I knew I couldn’t listen to what others expected of me. I felt impeccably clear about how futile it would be to try to ‘be like everyone else’. Sure, there have been times in my life when I’ve tried convention, but usually it was a painful fit, resulting in things like divorce, professional catastrophe and depression. I gave up trying to fit into the mold, and I began really believing in my ability to create the life of my dreams, despite how it might look to anyone else. A perfect example of my desire to march to my own beat is my family. Here’s a photo. You can do the math and see that it’s not your average nuclear family, though I think we’re atomic as hell, even after the band broke up and found it’s way to a relatively peaceful, co-parenting reality.


My kids inspire me to greatness. I, in turn, am devoted to helping them ignite and embrace their own passions. My tribe is rich with Passionistas and creatives, brilliant business minds and inspiring go-getters.

Won’t you join the club and let me show you
how passion will transform you?