Unbelievably Brave

Just when I thought that WE were the coolest parents in the world, I discover this via Upworthy

I wanted to badly to post a comment telling Jazz’s whole family, especially her, how absolutely amazing I think they all are.  I didn’t bother to add a comment on You Tube because of the epic number of stupid people who hide behind the Internet to spew hate and ignorance. Here’s hoping that my post might find it’s way back to this family.

To me, this is what family should be – you stick by each other with love and support as you deal with whatever struggles you are dealt. In cases like Jazz’s these struggles are rather extraordinary, but look how positive and brave she is! You can’t feel that way without a strong foundation. Bravo all of you for leading with love, and a strong sense of how important your family is. Without question, this would be our approach if any of our kids were transgendered. Children are our greatest blessing, our deepest lessons, and our only hope for saving this world we inhabit.

Children like Jazz are miracles who force us to look deep into our hearts. She deserves nothing but love and support and nurturing, and I hope she knows that there are many more people out there who would treat her with kindness than with hatred.

This family made me really hopeful about the world. Thank you all, where ever you are.

Jazz has become an advocate for trans kids everywhere, and her mom started the Trans Kids Purple Rainbow foundation to support transgendered youth and their families.