Let Me Go

Guess who is about to embark on four days of tent camping in Algonquin Park, with the company of her amazing children? I’m ending this insane summer on the perfect note, because I am most myself under a canopy of trees. Here’s a little something I banged out this afternoon in Starbucks, when I was supposed to be finishing up my work.


Let Me Go

Let me go into the forest,

and let the lake-fed rain wash clean these sins.

Let the fresh, rich scent of the pines clear my soul,

and the light of a million stars restore my faith.


Let me go into the forest,

My sweet babes in hand.

The babe I birthed, the daughters I forged,

And let them see me as I am;

Whole, and wholly capable.


Let me go into the forest,

that I may howl like the wolves,

tread lightly with the the fleetest fox-steps,

Leave no trace of the sorrow I have carried all these many years.


Let the dapple-leaf sunlight illuminate

this fire in my heart,

this whisper in my ear,

this yearning, so fathomless that I shall never be full

of this sweet and serendipitous life.



Happy Birthday Housewarming


This year we celebrated my birthday with a barbecue and a sleep over called ‘Pitch a Tent, It’s My Birthday!’. Two years ago we had a similar party at our Niagara house, but there were no children and babies. In fact, there were a lot of drinks and a lot less sleeping. Truthfully, I thought this year’s party was just as much fun, and I felt much better the next morning! 

Priority accommodation went to our friends with wee ones. Ashton, who is just about two months old, took my room with his mommy and daddy. Henry, fourteen months, took Mama S’ room with his folks. We all bunked with the girls in their room, which turned out to be hilarious.

We served beef mishkake (remember that delicious marinade I shared here?), bean salad, a corn and coconut milk dish called makai paka and this incredible curried potato salad from Allrecipes. My darling girlfriend Jackie, who is one of the greatest bakers I know, made these incredible gluten-free desserts. These brownie cupcakes were a serious investment in chocolaty goodness. We ate the leftovers the next day with a roasted marshmallow on top. This apple crumble cake was sublime. She’s since made it even more delicious by cutting some of the sugar. Maybe if we’re lucky she’ll share her modifications with us?

Here’s a photo journal of the event, courtesy of Mama S. I think our good-looking friends are even sexier with babies. It was so nice to be surrounded by my peeps in my new home. I feel a little bit more like myself. Perhaps you should host an event so you can see some of your favourite faces again? It’s always worth the work, and there are always helping hands!













Hannah and Ayla sing Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” for guests.


Noah amuses us all with his hula hooping lessons.