Happy Father’s Day!

A father and infant son

Dear Readers,

My children have the best father in the world, and today I want to share exactly how awesome our Nekky is.

He’s the perfect blend of playful and firm. He leads with a fun-loving foot, and is quick to guide and teach with patience and love. Seeing the smiles of his children is his greatest joy each day, and each night he tucks them in to bed with a prayer and a kiss.

Everything I aspire to as a parent is modeled with ease by him. He treats our children with the utmost respect, patiently listening to them, empathizing with them, and showing them how much they are valued at every moment. Even if he has to raise his voice or be more stern, he follows this tone immediately with a hug and a very obvious demonstration of love and affection.

He can negotiate through the most extreme tantrums, soothe and quiet the most heart-wrenching bout of sobs and create the most riotous bursts of sheer delight. He’s the parent the children run to if they have a bad dream, a fever, a cut or a bad day at school.

There are many children in the world who don’t have fathers in their lives. There are many fathers who have assumed a more passive, detached role with their children. Watching Nekky with our girls, and now with our wee boy has made my heart ache for those without because I see so clearly the power of a positive, active male influence on our kids.

Our girls have a confidence in themselves and in their own value that they will carry through life. They will know their tremendous worth in every relationship they have, and will have the strength to shield themselves from anyone who doesn’t see that worth. Our son will learn to be a strong, warm, nurturing and loving man who isn’t afraid to yield to the softness in his heart. He will also be a great father if that’s what he chooses because he’s had the best role model.

Today, and every day, my heart is full of gratitude for this wonderful man. Thank you dear Nekky for helping me realize the life-long dream of becoming a mother. Thank you for teaching me to move with grace and love, compassion and kindness. Thank you for your sacrifices, your determination, your passion and your faith.

Raising children with you is a beautiful journey that begins afresh each day.

Big, big love to all of the wonderful fathers in my life! The Legion of Grandpas includes Iqbal Jamal (our Bapa) who is a tour-de-force of joy, love and passion for his family, Joe Oleksinski (our Poppa) who delights in his many grandchildren and makes the best breakfast feast you’ll ever taste, and Grandpa Dougie (my dad) who smiles and laughs the most when his grandkids are around. Thank you for being such wonderful anchors in our childrens’ lives, and for supporting and loving us, your children. grandkids are around. Thank you for being such wonderful anchors in our childrens’ lives, and for supporting and loving us, your children.