I Am A Clueless Gardener

Some people are really great at growing things. Is this because they instinctively know what to do, or because they do a lot of research? I will confess that all of my growing skills are the direct result of chance. I can’t stand doing research because I find it totally overwhelming. There’s just too much information on the internet. As it stands, I’m a clueless gardener.

I’m feeling totally daunted by our garden this year. We have to install the expensive irrigation system we bought last year, and I’m dreading adding this to the to-do list of my poor, busy, fella. WAIT!! HOLY CRAP! Stroke of genius moment over here. Isn’t Sunday Mother’s Day? I’m totally going to make that my Mother’s Day request. Keep the breakfast in bed baby, just get my irrigation system running. Ooh yeah, just like Mama likes it.

We planted vegetable seeds about three weeks ago. The seedlings are looking spindly and sad on the floor of the classroom. I didn’t think they would make it until the last frost, which I assumed was on May 24, until I finally looked it up. This handy website told me it was May 2nd. This means it’s go time, but I can’t plant anything until the watering system is all set, and until I get some compost. Will the seedlings make it? You tell me…


Why are they so limp and spindly? Is it too much sun? Too much water? Not enough? Looks like this year will end up the same as last – with an expensive trip to the garden centre for plants! Veggie gardiners, help!