Playing Hair Salon

I’ve been spoiled, living in the city for so long. One of the only things I would drop some significant coin on was my hair, and I’ve been lucky to have a good friend as my hair stylist/colorist for the last several years. I was seriously fretting about this when I knew we would be moving.

I know lots of people have success with drug store hair dye, but I have never been one of those people, and as a Leo I’m fairly vain about the mane. I finally bit the bullet and bought a couple of boxes of some Garnier product, but those boxes have sat in my closet because I just couldn’t bring myself to try them.

Mama S ventured first into the self-hair-dye experimental foray, and her efforts didn’t work. She got some decent root coverage, but her grey remained untouched by the L’Oreal stuff she purchased. She later confessed that she rinsed it out early because the fumes were so strong she feared she would be left blinded, albeit with great hair.

Enter eSalon.

Our proximity to the US border here in Niagara is certainly one of the greatest things about our new address. We’ve maintained a UPS Store mailbox in Niagara Falls, NY for years now, and these days it’s a half hour trek away. Shopping is a breeze, and so is gaining access to numerous US sites that refuse to ship to Canada.

Mama S discovered eSalon and excitedly sent me a link, and I feel it is my god-given duty to share this gem with you. Sadly, they don’t ship to Canada yet, but if you’re my close friend, you can use my in box, and if you have friends Stateside, it’s worthwhile to ship to them and have them send stuff to you. Here’s why:

eSalon creates a personal profile for you based on your natural hair colour, your current hair colour and where you’d like to go with your colour. Their experienced staff custom-create a hair formula with very specific instructions and then send it off in the mail. For $20 you get salon-quality hair dye, made for you based on your profile and photo, with directions so simple my kids could follow them if we let them play with chemicals. Which we don’t.

Here’s our before photos:



And here’s our after shot:


I’ve subscribed so that every eight weeks they pop another batch of formula in the mail and I never have an excuse for roots or brassy colour. I loved the colour, and the hair dye didn’t burn my scalp or eyes, it’s not tested on animals, and it didn’t make the crazy fumes that some dyes can produce. Mama S ended up with great coverage and a very lovely ashy blonde.

Check out eSalon HERE

Let me know if you give it a shot. We were both really happy with the results. Now all I need is someone who can cut hair who lives out in this direction…

Further proof, eSalon on the Rachael Ray show: