Design Your Happy Day

I don’t know about you, but after pouring my guts out yesterday, I immediately started to feel better. This morning I woke after a decent sleep, and I felt really inspired. I also felt determined to discover as much happiness as I could today. It occurred to me that perhaps the very act of thinking about how my day could have some guaranteed happy moments might actually usher those moments in. I tried to make a little mental list of all the things I knew might be possible within the parameters of the day ahead, realizing that if I focused only on those, and any other opportunities I could seize, it might actually raise my spirits. What if you could design your happy day? What would your moments of happiness look like? Here’s my list, and I’ve been pretty successful at enjoying most of these.

Spending relaxed and focused time with Noah.

Getting to know a new friend.

Bringing something lovely to my new friend’s home (I thought of tulips, but found some delicious scones first)

Having a nap, which didn’t exactly happen but we did enjoy an hour-long snuggle in bed together, watching some Netflix on the iPad and reading some new books from the library.

Some outdoor time, which I was hoping would be a nature walk. The wind was outrageous and the temperature had dropped quite a bit since the morning, but still we got some fresh air and discovered some great puddles and an enormous spider hiding in the mailbox. We also found a beautiful snail mail thank you card with a very thoughtful gift certificate inside. Such a lovely surprise.

Writing time, not too much today with the little guy, but enough to get this blog post out to you while he plays with his sisters who are freshly home from school.

Some chilled out fun with the girls. We are currently arranged around the living room. I’m typing away while the kids enjoy freshly baked blueberry muffins from my new friend.

Some reading time, which is yet to come.

Okay, now your turn. Think about your Saturday and make a list of things that might be possible to add some happiness to your day. Share them in the comments section here and know that you’ll be inspiring someone else!

Happy Friday Lovers!