Gina Puttanesca from our Halloween Show - photo by Ryan Visima

I’m tucked away in the bowels of the Lower Ossington Theatre watching beautiful adults gyrate on each other and I feel like myself again.

Sentences like this are what separates me from the rest of the pack, I think.

Tonight is our first rehearsal for Les Coquettes’ first Valentine’s Day show which we are calling “Love Story”. It’s our first appearance at Lower Ossington. It will be a new audience, and because it’s the holiday made for love, we want to put our best feet forward.

Allison Villa is an amazing choreographer. We’re working on her solo, which is the song “Be Italian” from the musical “Nine”. It’s perfect for her stage persona “Gina Puttanesca” and done as a group chair dance, using all of our handsome man props, it’s going to be HAWT. I’m very excited.

The producer who booked us here sadly missed Allison in action at our holiday show, so I can’t wait to unleash her on February 13th. In fact, this will be some of the finest work we’ve created.

I can’t believe what a talented, dedicated group we have. Plus they’re all so easy on the eyes.

My work makes me so happy.

Next on the schedule tonight – Ravel’s Bolero. We premiered this at Opera Nation last year for the Canadian Opera Company in 2008. The brilliant Kathryn Romanow created this. She’s our choreographer, and my business partner.

Such a colourful, beautiful distraction.