Keeping Up Momentum

keeping up momentum

My dream basement

When I get excited about something, it’s remarkably easy to focus and make great forward progress. I can work so efficiently I surprise myself, and things really get done. But then…then…how do you keep that spark alive? Keeping up momentum is one of the greatest challenges I face.

The result of that fizzle is a string of uncompleted projects, jobs that are half done, drawers that are half organized. I look around and I’m adrift in a sea of disarray. I feel overwhelmed by all that is left to do, and I just can’t seem to get on top of anything. Where was the fire that ignited each project in the first place?

Does this happen to you?

Last week we launched our new family business – a blog geared specifically towards people with kids in their lives, and a resource guide for families living in and visiting the Niagara Region. You can check it out at I’m really proud of it, and I think we will do well. When we first moved to the area, we noticed there isn’t anything like it, and so we created our own one-stop source for family fun. Today I sat down to write for the site, and it took literally FOREVER to churn out one post.

I get side tracked with this blog all the time too. I’d LOVE to be able to post once a day, like so many other bloggers that I admire. Maybe I worry too much about having something to say, but I find it impossible to keep up the writing momentum.

Perhaps I’m a little overextended, what with kids and homeschool? I thought homeschool was supposed to buy more freedom and flexibility?

My basement is a perfect microcosm for my life at large. First of all, it’s not my basement. It belongs to my in-laws who we are currently living with. Right now I’d describe that space as vast, under-used, overly cluttered, in need of serious organization, not functioning to its full capacity, and overflowing with treasure and possibility. Maybe I’m crazy, but I believe in my core that organizing that basement to the point where any one of our kids could wander there with sturdy shoes and a little supervision (never mind the fire marshal) would solve all of the problems that we have getting organized and motivated elsewhere. It would symbolize our life, in order. Each facet neatly labeled and easy to access. Each corner tidy and ready to be discovered and be useful.

There is one area of the basement that I most despise; the shelves that hold all of the items we are going to sell online. Not inventory items, but personal belongings that are no longer useful, that Nekky has deemed worthy of resale. The problem is, not a one of us has a moment to spare to get these items listed and out the door. It’s painful to look at things that we’ve moved from two separate residences sitting on those shelves, mocking me. If they were gone, there would be a fresh, empty wall of shelves for…something new. Something useful. Inventory that we could really sell, perhaps?

Are there studies that link your physical space with your functioning capacity? Is there a psychic/spiritual link to the neatness and order that exists in your foundation? There must be!

How the hell do I get started with organizing this basement disaster? How do I fill a new website with fun and interesting content this week?

It’s almost 2pm. I can only work until about 6pm. Panic is rising. I’m going to make a cup of tea, have a little piece of homemade brownie and turn to my 100 unopened emails from other blogs I follow for inspiration.

How do any of you keep motivated?