Juggling Babies

Noah isn't so sure about his Easter chocolate

Noah isn’t so sure about his Easter chocolate

Holy god you guys! All I want to do is write, and write, and share interesting content with you. I want to give you tidbits from our life, share my heart and soul, and learn you about interesting new ideas and products. I want to do so many things, BUT WHERE THE HELL DO I FIND THE TIME? Spreading myself between blogs, homeschool, and family life is like juggling babies!

Our new blog is exciting, and fun, and the focus is sharper. It’s easier to come up with material for a parenting blog, because the inspiration seems to be everywhere, but here is where my heart lies. Here where I first started dreaming, here where I first imagined the family I would one day thrive in. Here is where I can relax, but right now I feel like the well is a little dry.

I’m missing this place of my universe, and all of the fun new tricks I learned working on the new blog are begging to be applied here. I need to find some kind of time management key to the universe. I can’t freaking wait until Tim Ferris has kids, so he can tell me what the hell to do.

Meanwhile, know that I love you, and I miss you. If you want to be a big help, please send me some topics you want me to write about. Or ask me for some advice, preferably not on multi-tasking.

Kisses on your nose,