Links of the Week


I like to spend my weekend being lazy in my pajamas, and hanging out with the kids. I take breaks from my own activities to hike through our forest, make hot chocolate or try beating our little brainiacs at a board game. I don’t want to spend my time in front of the screen.

It’s nice to keep in touch with all of you though, so I thought I’d try something new, inspired by some of the other blogs I love. Each weekend, I’m going to try to share a few links to some of the Internet treasures that have helped to shape the week that has passed.

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

My week started with much fear, anger and stress after I read this rather epic article and subsequent related links from Mother Jones. Plastic is still toxic friends, even without BPA’s and it’s everywhere.

At home, we’re changing our food storage containers to glass, and sorting the kids out with stainless steel lunch options. I appreciated the well-researched nature of this article, but I found it, and all the other related links on Mother Jones to be very hysteria-inducing, without offering many helpful solutions. I don’t like the ‘sky is falling’ approach to life, and I’ll admit I’m a bit pre-disposed to it. I turned to the Internet and found the following helpful posts about trying to live more ‘plastic-free’. I can freely admit that I’ll never be able to be as extreme as some of this bloggers, but there are some practical changes we can make with relative ease.

Here’s a downloadable PDF from the Suzuki Foundation with an easy guide to which plastics are safest:

In semi-related subjects, I was thrilled to see that the Environmental Working Group finally has a Skin Deep cosmetics app available. The Skin Deep website is my go-to site for checking the safety of beauty and cosmetic products. You can download their app here:

My heart was heavy after all of this reading about large corporations who care so little about our health and our environment. I was very glad to discover this amazing clip as I spent a lazy morning in bed today. I love humans who dedicate their lives to the betterment of this world:

And finally, as we joyously witness our trees starting to bud, I’d like to share this post from one of my favourite blogs ‘Let the Children Play’. This wonderful resource celebrates a back-to-nature approach to kids relishing their childhood and the outdoors. I found it kind of awesome that this post hit my radar as we were combing through Chinatown because it’s all about fun uses for bamboo: