Sex City Interview Alert!

August has been entirely spent with my family and dear friends. How lovely to have the time and the opportunity to build deeper relationships and watch all of our beautiful children play together. How is your summer winding down?

There’s so much to look forward to in September – a new school, a new schedule for me with more time to focus on my own work, and on building up my partners’ work projects. The next two weeks will be busy, but I want to drink up every little drop of what’s left of these lazy days with no agenda, so it’s just a brief little post today to share some news.

Tomorrow night, at approximately 11pm EST, I’m going to be doing a short interview on the CIUT radio show Sex City. I love radio, and I have podcast fantasies of my own, so I’m really excited. We’re talking about parenting as an openly poly family. You can tune in at 89.5 fm or via their website here. I think the episode will be available after the fact via the website too. Check out my sexy-sounding summer cold! It’s a live interview, so who knows what they’ll be asking!

I hope your days are warm and filled with laughter, good food, and great company. See you in September!

Kisses on your nose,

PB Mommy