Thrifty Mommy

I finally got a chance to hit one of the local thrift stores. It was a quick trip, and I grabbed some light weight, light-coloured hiking clothes for the Noodle and I, but I found a couple of cute things I wanted to share with you. 

$6.99 – I found a pretty embroidered tablecloth for our classroom, for when we decide to host tea parties.


$7.99 (set of 5) – These cheerful place mats will be cute in the classroom for lunches


$4.99 – I loved this cute apron. I think homeschool teachers should wear aprons.


$3.99 – I found this three-dimensional wooden tic tac toe game for the girls.


$5.99 – I love the owl on this cute tote. Great for library visits!


$2.99 – I couldn’t resist these little kitties. I figure they are Waldorf toys because they are made of fur, cardboard and glass.


I scored high in the book department. I found myself some vintage gems, and a copy of Stephen King’s book about the creative process, which comes highly recommended. I also found some lovely books for the girls. I’m really excited about the princess series based on historical figures. They even had a book special – buy three books, get one free.





I’ve wisely started using my grocery shopping app to make a list of items to look for next time I’m thrifting. It’s too easy to get distracted, and I don’t want to come home with more stuff that we don’t really need. With the exception of the little cats, which were a huge hit, I think I was pretty savvy.

Next trip, I need to find storage containers for our classroom made from natural materials.