Thrifty Mommy

I ran away to my parent’s house in Hamilton on Tuesday, which was the night before our moving day. It made more sense for me (and my breasts) to be available to little Noah, and let’s face it, everyone is happier if I’m not a big stress ball. Witnessing the move would have made me a big stress ball, and so I enjoyed the quiet of my parents’ home instead. No trip to Hamilton is complete without a visit to the local thrift store, and my parents live within walking distance of one of those chain department style thrift shops.  I spent a total of $71 and here are some of the treasures that I found…


$3.99 ea – Quilted pillow shams for the girls’ room. I want to work on making their room a little more age-appropriate, and I thought these colors were great inspiration for two girls who don’t like pink. I was lucky to find a pair of duvet covers at Ikea that complimented these pillow shams beautifully. Now I just need to find some turquoise and lime green accents.


$4.99 – A generously stuffed seat cushion for me in our classroom. It’s a simple but pretty green and purple print on a white background. I know I already have a lot of cushion for my booty, but I’ll appreciate the support if I’m spending more time writing.

$1.99 – A vintage scrapbook/photo album, untouched, with black pages

$.99 ea – Handmade paper scrapbooks with shoe lace style binding for the girls. We read a very cute book recently about a summer vacation, and I’d like to have them each work on a summer vacation scrapbook like the little girl in our story.


$7.99 – A queen sized vintage bed sheet in perfect condition with a sunny butterfly pattern. I’m either going to use this on my bed in my new room, or use it to build collapsible tee pees for the girls to play in outside.

$3.99 – A huge April Cornell cushion cover in black with magenta and fuchsia butterflies. I’m collecting cheerful linens in warm tones for the quiet nook in our classroom.


$2.99 – This darling, brand new mobile for Noodle. The little stuffed animals are all made of natural fibers, and the tags were still on it. It’s perfect for above his change table, and when he grows out of it; I can cut it apart and give him some little friends to play with.


$4.99 – Brand new, tags still on soft leather shoes for Noodle. I love these kinds of baby shoes. They are the only kind that stays on their feet.

$.99 – A wooden train and train car, hand-made, for Noodle. We love wooden toys for him.


$7.99 – A green and black tie-died Calvin Klein sun dress for me. I’m looking for some breast-feeding friendly summer attire, and I refuse to spend money on over-priced and often ugly clothes that are specifically designed for breast-feeding.

$3.99 – A navy blue Gap tank top made of very sweet eyelet cotton and jersey. It’s scandalously low-cut, but Noodle can just reach in and grab a snack!

I can hardly wait to check out the local thrift shops in our area. My plan is to pick an afternoon when someone else can mind Noodle and just get lost inside the stores for a couple of hours. I find it so satisfying when I locate interesting items and good deals, and Daddy has wisely shown me a very clever way to hunt for re-sellable book titles, so I can now finance my occasional trips without dipping into our household budget!

What are your some of your second-hand treasure acquisitions?