Le Premier Jour

It’s 9:32 Paris time, and 3:30 Toronto time, and I’ve been up since yesterday at six a.m. I’ve spent over 12 hours trying to fly to another corner of the globe, and I’ve discovered that I can’t sleep on a plane without some kind of drug-induced stupor. Which I didn’t have this time, so this will have to be brief, because I’m crashing. How lame! I began to gnash my teeth and give up hope of ever getting to our destination, when the French country side finally came into view from the airplane. Acres of farm land looked like a… View Post

‘Twas the Night Before Paris

I’m going to barf.And I’m certainly NOT going to sleep!This insane level of excitement can only be compared to the absolutely sleepless Christmas Eves we had as children. Sadly, there is nobody here to stay up with all night whispering loudly to. Not-so-sadly, my parents aren’t in the next room yelling at me to go to sleep. No matter what, there will be something fabulous under my tree tomorrow. I feel like I should be leaving out milk and cookies. I’ve re-packed my suitcase three times. It’s very full. I was going to save space in case I needed it… View Post


This is my current theme song. If you’ve never heard it, you should find a copy, stat. WHERE DO YOU GO TO MY LOVELYPeter Sarstedt26/02/1969 – 4 weeks at #1 – 16 weeks on chart You talk like Marlene DietrichAnd you dance like Zizi JeanmaireYour clothes are all made by BalmainAnd there’s diamonds and pearls in your hair, yes there are You live in a fancy apartmentOff the Boulevard Saint-MichelWhere you keep your Rolling Stones recordsAnd a friend of Sacha Distel, yes you do But where do you go to my lovelyWhen you’re alone in your bedTell me the thoughts… View Post

Exfoliating All the Way to the Champs Elysees

Four more days.Can you believe it?I can scarcely contain myself.What I also can’t believe is that the entire lower half of my body is smeared with splotchy orange streaks that are actually getting darker as each day passes. Thank you Kiehl’s.With spring in the air and all of my favourite skirts taken out of storage, it occurred to me that my legs are not unlike the pasty, clammy flesh of a freshly plucked chicken. So on Saturday, when I ran all of my last-minute trip errands (on foot, thank you very much) I added some very expensive self-tanner to the… View Post

Protected: Each New Day Has a Tiny Chocolate Surprise!

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