Cloudy, With A Chance of Showers

October 26th List.

Today would have been my six year wedding anniversary. The following list is only partially related to that fact.

What I Need, Today:

Something pretty, and very, very feminine to wear.
Rain boots for proper grounding.
French toast with sausage
To be surrounded by strangers, while I listen to my ipod
My journal
A good hair day
My pretty umbrella
The motivation to clean up in The Fortress
Lots of affection from Toulouse (already in progress)
Some time to read a novel and forget who and where I am
A lively, productive rehearsal
To laugh. A lot.
Hope. (an extra dose. with a side order of faith, which I hear is hard to get at this time of year.)
The lump in my throat to dissolve
Probably some tissue
Fresh sheets and pillow cases
A steaming mug of Nuit Calme
Perhaps another bath
A good night’s sleep
Dreams that I can remember in the morning

My brain came back from Vacation just in time.

We’re very glad to see you again brain, and you look so refreshed and revitalized. The tan suits you beautifully. Once you’re settled, heart and gut would like to sit down and catch you up on everything that’s happened, and most significantly, the things that haven’t happened while you were away. Oh, and they watered your plants.




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