Please don’t forget me…

Are any of you still reading this? If you are, this is my very last evening in Paris. I’ve just returned from a quiet walk up to Sacre Coeur, where I had a look at the city and said goodbye to the Eiffel Tower. I’m trying very hard to keep my chin up right now. This has been an incredible opportunity to run away from real life for a brief spell, and there are lots of things to deal with when I return to Canadian soil, and lots of decisions that are effected by this experience that I’ve just had.… View Post

Something In Me Changed

Yesterday was incredibly touristy.I did an open-top bus tour of half of the city, which was a fairly decent way to get around, but then I felt like I was getting heat stroke. I hopped off near Notre Dame and then took the Metro home. Walking around the city is still the best way to experience it.I got back here, and showered, and then went to the Crazy Horse show. I had a lovely little supper at a bistro on Avenue George V, and then went to the cabaret, which was absolutely out of this world. I was totally inspired.… View Post

A little bit before my nap…

Yesterday I visited Musee d’Orsay, which was the realization of a huge dream. Blessedly, it was fairly quiet when I first arrived there, and I was able to explore the Impressionist paintings fairly unscathed. The Toulouse Lautrec room was out of this world. The lights were very dim because they are mostly watercolors and pastels which are easily damaged by harsh light, but they were breathtaking. It made me quite emotional, actually. To see these images that have been so hugely inspirational in my life, in the city where they were painted, while I’m living in the very neighbourhood were… View Post

Lundi, Part Two – “The High Road Isn’t Always the Best Road”

O’ City:A change of landscapeIs a very good way to escapeThe roof tops from six stories highBreath their heat into November SkyCould be a ship or a trainDriving, sailing, keeping saneWind is blowing through my hair,Feeling fine in this foreign affair,Biding and killing my time,This city’s taking me for a ride.Oh City -Be my lover!You and I look good on each other,I’m a girl on the rebound,And I am throwing myself at this town .Oh City -Be my lover!You and I could touch each other.Show me yours and I’ll show you mineWe could to have a real good timeI don’t… View Post

Lundi, Part One – “My Mamma Is Always Right”

It’s only 6:30, but I had to come home for a breather and a little nap, because I am completement exhausted. I set my alarm for eight this morning, but apparently I am un peu stupide because it didn’t go off. It seems I have finally caught up on sleep though, because I naturally woke up at 9:00 am.I chose a fabulous little outfit, and then headed off to Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, which is actually not in Paris at all. After what felt like an epic hike through hundreds of stalls where vendors were selling complete and utter crap,… View Post