2010 Curriculum

Things I have learned in 2010:

  • The love in my life makes me glow when it is harmonious (everyone said so, and I’ve never heard this so consistently.
  • The work that I have accomplished this year has been some of my best, and it was all for my family and I.
  • You can love people who aren’t blood like your family. Sometimes even more so.
  • Faith is inside me, not in the clouds.
  • Relationships are hard, my relationship to myself is harder.
  • Family is everything. Having a family of my own is one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever known.
  • Anger and fear have a powerful grip, and will choke out all that is good and true if they are granted enough opportunity.
  • Trust cannot be taken away. There are people in life who will make choices that hurt you, but they can’t take parts away from you unless you give them away.
  • Sticking through difficulty and pain will reveal more truth than running away.
  • Books keep me sane.
  • Writing continues to save me.
  • My heart knows. Nobody else has to approve this.
  • I am poised to have everything I’ve ever wanted, but my soul needs to be ready to embrace this reality.
  • I have really amazing friends.
  • I have filled my world with inspiration, and can find it everywhere.
  • I am a good parent and have the makings of a really, really great parent.
  • I want, and deserve, an abundance of love.
  • When love gets scary, don’t run away. Love bigger and harder.
  • I am strong. Inside and outside.
  • I don’t need a dog in my life, but I’m a calmer, more sane person with one.
  • I could do a lot better at many things than I have done this year. Love is at the top of that list.
  • I ultimately need to be self-employed. Forever.
  • I am not nearly as self-aware as I thought I was.
  • There are ways of communicating that have nothing to do with words.
  • It is impossible to please everyone. I ought to only aim to please the people who love me the best, which includes me.
  • Children are more rewarding than dogs.
  • Hurting the people you love most hurts more than anything I’ve lived through thus far.
  • My brain can conjure truths more terrible than anything I’ll ever have to live through again. I have to remind myself this on a daily basis.
  • My body, though mysterious, isn’t in as bad shape as I’d feared. I think time will tell what it is actually capable of, and a healed up heart will go a long way towards a healthy vessel to do great things with.
  • I am a writer first, a performer second, and an entrepreneur third.
  • Writing fiction is scarier than accepting love.
  • Independence is power, and I need more of that power.

Thank you Universe for a complex, painful, joyful, terrifying, laughter-filled, inspiring, shining year. Every day is a gift, and I’m ready for 2011. Thank you to each of you who have loved me, and particularly to those of you who have loved me even when you weren’t exactly sure why you should.

Happy New Year!






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