An Autumn Ritual for Release

Release spells are best worked during the waning or dark moon.


A small table centered in a space with enough room around it to walk in a circle

An altar cloth of natural fibres

A vase of autumn flowers

A cup of wine, milk, or water

A dish of sea salt or Himalayan salt

A dish of water

Incense: cinnamon, evergreen, sandalwood

5 white or pure beeswax candles with holders for each



Fireproof vessel


A compass

Lay Your Altar:

Lay your altar cloth on your working surface. Arrange your flowers, and offering of wine, milk or water in the centre. Set your directional offerings on the altar at each of the directional points as follows: North/Earth (salt); East/Air (incense); South/Fire (one candle); West/Water (dish of water). Light your altar candle and your incense. Add fireproof vessel, matches, paper and pen to the altar area. Set a candle at each of the directional points, in a circle around your altar space with enough room for you to walk around inside the circle.

Cast a Circle:

Begin facing east. Centre yourself with a few slow, deep breaths. When you feel grounded, visualize something that represents the element of air. Welcome in the energy of this directional point as you light the candle. Moving clockwise, move next to the south. Visualize something that represents fire. Welcome in this fire energy, light the candle, and then move to the west. Visualize something to represent water. Welcome in this water energy, light the candle, and then move to the north. Visualize something that represents earth. Welcome in this elemental energy, light the candle, and then move to the east once more to complete the circle.

 Set Your Intention of Release:

Settle yourself comfortably before your altar. Breathe deeply as you feel the protective energy of your circle grounding you and helping you create sacred space. When you feel open and calm, take your pen and complete the following prompts:

  1. As the autumn trees release their colourful leaves, I wish to let go of:

  2. I must release this because it costs me:

  3. In releasing that which I have named, I create space for:

  4. These are the lessons I have learned from that which I am letting go:

Take three slow breaths when you feel you are finished writing everything you need. If more words or thoughts come, add them to your page(s). When you feel still and certain that you’ve put everything you need to on paper, fold the pages and lay them in the fireproof vessel. Read or speak the following words:

I cast this off so I can be

Open to what’s meant for me

My heart needs not the weight of these

Stones that rob it of its ease

Take these words that I have penned

Bring this cycle to its end

I release this to be whole

And find contentment in my soul

Strike a match and light the paper on fire. Do this as many times as required to turn the pages to ash. As the paper burns, visualize its contents leaving you.

Take three slow, grounding breaths.

When you are ready release your circle.

Releasing the Circle:

Begin this time in the west. Thank the elements of water and release them. Extinguish your candle. Repeat, moving counter-clockwise (south, east, north, ending again in the west). Scatter the ashes of your pages in a natural place outdoors, along with your offering of wine, water or milk.