Chrysalis, Day Fourteen

Two weeks in this strange space where life has come to feel like a bad dream. Some things just simply won’t be possible, and living in a pressure cooker is one of those things. I cannot take care of everyone anymore, and I no longer intend to exhaust myself trying.

I sat silent at the top of the stairs last night, and heard everything. In that everything were all the things I ever needed to hear, and anything I ever needed to know.

We have all created this. We are all responsible for our reality. We must own and understand our contributions, and accept change, or we will never be able to move forward.

The only thing I can control is my own heart, and my heart is clear and true, and steadfast in her resolve. I know where I belong, and I have no fear about my ability to embrace this and remain loyal to this decision.

Each day I pray for a healthier alternative to this toxic state. There is too much anger here for any growth or healing to be possible.




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