Dashing Down Your Dreams

I spent the morning staring at Sassafras

Despite a rough start – not much sleep again, and I began the day by pouring the bunny’s food into my full cup of coffee – this is shaping up to be an excellent day in Schnooville.

This morning I sat on the patio of a Yorkville cafe frantically searching from my book edits to work on. My wife was getting her hairs did at Lid Salon by our family stylist and dear friend Angela McQueen. I finally remembered that my chapters had been saved to a Dropbox folder, but before that, and during a panic of epic proportion, I discovered a Google doc that I had created in 2009. Here’s what it said, and I’ve added my own notes on progress:

Schnoo’s Two-Year Dream Plan:

  • A warm, well-organized home to call our own. This includes a guest bedroom that is also our back-up bedroom, a yard with a garden, a creative workspace – DONE
  • The ability to create my own work schedule and work anywhere and anytime that I want to- DONE
  • Many opportunities to express myself creatively both for pleasure and profit- DONE
  • My first published piece of work – IN PROGRESS
  • In the best shape of my life with a very healthy attitude towards exercise – PROGRESSING WELL!
  • Radical growth of my blog with monetizing ability – see Dooce.com – IN PROGRESS (I have to simply commit to writing every single day. Strangely, taking on more responsibility with our family business may facilitate that.)
  • All close family members and loved ones totally aware of our reality – DONE – RESOUNDING success, and only a couple of stories of heartache
  • All immediate family members aware of our reality – DONE
  • Amazing summer travel adventures as a family – NOT YET – hopefully in the early New Year
  • Occasional adults-only travel retreats – DONE (ONGOING)
  • Consulting with artists and friends to help them organize their ideas and set in motion creative and business plans – IN PROGRESS, casual
  • Securing funding for Les Coquettes for operations and production – IN PROGRESS – Not sure why this was in italics, but we’re seeing this unfold now.
  • Try to have a baby – VERY GLAD THIS ONE DIDN’T HAPPEN! It’s still something I want but if you’re a regular reader you’ll know we had a lot of groundwork to lay and lots of shit to sort out in these last two years. We’ve done a great job after lots of trial and tribulation. I’m happy to report that we’re looking forward to this next chapter, if we are lucky enough to be blessed with more children someday.

I was amazed to be able to check so many things off this list! I’m definitely doing this again this year. Probably tomorrow on my birthday. I’m feeling so grateful for all we’ve accomplished, and it’s really put a lot into perspective for me – what a little blessing today!

I’m still so homesick for my family, and I was feeling a bit down this morning, but I feel seriously cheered by the discovery of this little list. What wonderful, supportive partners I have to help me realize my dream life! I feel more ready than ever before to open my heart and have more faith in myself than ever to really embrace the kind of life I’ve always dreamed of.

Tonight is ladies’ night with dinner at Sidecar and then the Toronto Burlesque Festival at the Mod Club. I have a fabulous pair of periwinkle blue suede cage booties that are begging me to take them out on the town. Mamma-cation 2011 is going well today!




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