How Will You Be Reborn?

Those Muslims are really on to something. They celebrate their New Year with Navroz, which falls right around the Spring Equinox, a time of year that I find rejuvenating and inspiring. Forget the dead of winter, when any resolution you may make will be cast aside in favor of lethargy and residual holiday treat consumption. Even the Pagans got it wrong; in October, when everything is dying, they celebrate their New Year with Samhain. I suppose the idea of your own mortality can be motivating, but c’mon! Is there anything that says let’s clean out the cobwebs in our souls and start again, all shiny and new, like the return of sunshine and warmer weather? Not in my books, and not after the psychic shit show that was my winter.

So, here I am, feeling much shinier, and thick in the throes of purging and organizing, both inside and out. I’ve done some intense personal work with my trusty therapist, and now I’m working on a slew of personal projects that nearly all work-related. I’m ‘Choosing Myself’ as per the wise and wacky Mr. James Altucher, but more on him later.

One of my commitments this month is to post every single day. That’s right, every day. I’d really like to see your comments here on the blog too friends, so if you’re reading please leave a little something. Let’s turn this into a community of inspiring, like-minded passion-chasers, yes? Thank you in advance mom, for always adding comments.

I will borrow my New Year from my Muslim family, and start fresh this April. I’d like to be a more focused, more driven, more present me. I’d like to keep the momentum going with my personal growth and smote those inner demons once and for all. I want time for writing every single day. I want to finally publish the sex and relationship guide I wrote for average dudes in committed relationships. I want to inspire you, and help you, and share my love and ideas with you. I want to enjoy the miracle of Spring with my beautiful family.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Leave me a little note in the comments section and let me know how you will be reborn this Spring!

P.S. I’m pregnant again



P.S.S. April Fools!




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  1. Nekky
    April 2, 2015 / 12:17 am

    Ok… nice one with the April Fool’s joke… well done, lol. To rebirth and new opportunities! XO

  2. Dee Chouinard
    April 3, 2015 / 11:06 am

    Dear Cat,
    Your Spring reflections brought to mind CRUMB WEEK.
    I came upon your site once again thru FB (Gisele). I plan to read you more regularly.
    You are always interesting & I think it is because you express yourself honestly….we feel that.
    Muslims are not the only group who celebrated the best of Life in the Spring. Some years ago, through a quest for deeper religious understanding, my husband & I joined a local branch of Christian church. We learned the precepts of old religion, old customs, and therefore a new appreciation of how to live.
    One aspect I wanted to share was SPRING CLEANING ! Briefly, we practiced no leavening in food for 7 days prior to Passover/Easter. To prepare for that 7 days, we had to remove every piece of bread, crackers, cake, any leavening product from our homes. We scoured drawers & cupboards & fridges. The Purpose ? To remove the ugliness in our hearts and minds by eliminating the tiniest particles(crumbs) of false pride our lives.
    We became conscious of ways that we ‘become puffed up’ like leavening products ! lol We fasted & thus learned how weak & dependent our bodies & souls are.
    Our youngest son at the time was 14 and he called that week CRUMB WEEK to tease us. He would find another crumb ie part of a chocolate bar in a drawer & call us on it.
    How sweet our children were to give us the time to explore this phase & support us as we learned something new.
    Spring signifies an awakening….things we thought had died come back to life. We rejoice in the garden when last years dead plants spring up out of the cold earth. Hope lies in what we do not see.
    Gee, it feels good to express in writing ! Thank you
    lovingly, Dee