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The week is starting, and you’re coming off of whatever good or evil you got up to on the weekend. Coast into the week with a little bit of Internet greatness, courtesy of me and this new weekly feature that I’mna call “Your Inspired Monday”.


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Cook Something

I want to make every single thing here. This is a kick ass collection of recipes (courtesy of Buzzfeed) featuring ingredients locally available during the month of June. I’ll start with the cherry beer margaritas and see where that takes me.

Deliciousness here.


inspired mondays

“I saw a drummer in Central Park give his sticks to a little kid, so that he could have a try. Ten minutes later, this was happening…”


Beautiful Humans

You’re going to see a theme here this week. I need to restore my faith, and my faith in humanity in particular. It’s happening a little at a time, as I reach to the Universe for the truth I need about mankind and fellowship. Today, this gem came to me, late as usual, via Facebook. incidentally, this Facebook Page also restored my faith in Facebook. Ten seconds on this page made me laugh, cry, hope, and love and no, I’m not pre-menstrual. The concept is simple – a portrait, and a single quote from the subject. The results are spectacular.

Witness the magic of Humans of New York here.



I Love You Laura Bates

Laura Bates, founder of the amazing online Everyday Sexism Project has lots to say about how our children need to be properly educated about sex and sexuality in order to properly protect themselves from predators or sexist pigs. I consider myself pretty forward-thinking when it comes to teaching my kids about sex, but I learned about some serious deficits where my own approach was concerned – namely teaching my kids about porn before some punk-ass kid with a smart phone gets to be the first to do that. It’s going to be a long ass time before we get our schools to reform and improve sex education, but meanwhile there’s so much we can, and should, do at home. If you don’t teach your kids about sex, someone else will.

Read this through-provoking article from the Telegraph.


inspired mondays


Global Renaissance Woman

If you skip over everything else in this post, visit only these links and you’ll find all the inspiration you’ll need for a lifetime. Most people know Dr. Maya Angelou because of her incredible writing, but how many of you realize how astonishing her life story is? Check out her Wiki page, and then do yourselves a favour (particularly you women readers) and get your hands on a copy of ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.’

Learn more about this Phenomenal Woman on the Wiki page and on Dr. Angelou’s website.







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