It’s Not Today, It’s Tomorrow

These Walls I Can Take – Rosiehardie – Flickr

However, I will still post my Thursday poem…

Fierce victories for these tiny warriors;
With every step each foot placed before the other
Marching towards over-priced coffee,
and outlook,
and too many carbohydrates for lunch.
Pressed shirts, coats thoroughly caressed by the lint roller,
and for a lucky few a pat on the ass on the way out the door.

There’s one who wears a hand knit hat with flaps for his ears, in spite of his charcoal gray suit;
One last vestige of his days of touring with improvisational folk rock bands.
He’s old enough now to be grateful to be alive.

The only sign of impending spring is the too-bright sun that flashes between the houses.
I think of my vintage sunglasses, tucked inside a drawer at home.
I think of the day ahead and the summit of to-dos and to-don’ts.
I think of you and of all the longing in your heart;
Your yearning for recognition,
The sorrow that spills out in the smallest gestures,
and the pain that you have carried for so long.

I would donate my portion of sunshine today
If I thought it could cast light into the shadowy corners that have been so long neglected.
I would dedicate each song selected by the forces of the universe
that dictate the shuffle of my playlist
If I thought they would feel like laughter.

With Ella in my ears and a low fat double caramel macchiato poised at my lips
I will raise my biodegradable paper cup and salute you,
My brave new friend.




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