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New Year Navigation

A fresh blanket of snow, glittering and wondrous in the dazzling light of a cloudless sky, is the perfect canvas for the start of a new year. 2021 ended with such fragile, exquisite beauty, my heart was soaring with the hope that everything was coming together at last. Then, 2022 [...]

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Winter Solstice and the Wisdom of 2021

Today is the Winter Solstice. It's also Yule, and with the start of winter comes the end of the calendar year, which always feels blank and fresh. I'm thinking about all of the lessons of 2021. Trying to gather them between my mitts and pack them into something round and [...]

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The Why Doesn’t Matter

The mailman unloads his route from the box on the corner and I watch him from my seat on the porch. He listens to a podcast, and I find this endearing.I'm on the phone with a new friend. As I listen to him speak about his work with trauma and [...]

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All The Beautiful Things I Tend

I wanted passion and excitement this summer. Carefree, sensual enjoyment of the heat and the full, lush green, and the feeling of wet sand between my toes.I wanted campfire hair in the morning. Bug bites in scandalous places. Freckles on my shoulders like constellations waiting to be mapped by someone's [...]

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Casual Intimacy

Casual relationships are not for me.I've been spending time with some truly incredible humans this summer, and through these connections, I'm learning so much about myself. However, despite feeling all manner of feelings, there's been no immediate potential for a committed, intimate relationship. In the past, that would have been [...]

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It’s Because of the Trees

I love him, a little bit. I think there's a part of him that believes that my love is parsed out among too many other contenders. I know that I can see the most beautiful parts of people, and as such, it can be very easy to love them. I've never [...]

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