Just Killing Time

Approximately two years ago, my alter-ego La Minouche took over.

I’ve had two hours of sleep and haven’t stopped since 7 am.

This close to show time, sleep is a luxury that I don’t often have.

I’ve spent the last two hours working with two lovely colleagues at the LOT to dress a window in our store front to promote our upcoming show. Tonight I’ll put on some cupcake-coloured lingerie and sip prosecco and hang with Dante Inferno and Georgie Gates, amusing the bar and restaurant crowd on Ossington while our man props flyer passers-by.

Life is strange.

I decided when I was eleven that I just wasn’t like the other kids, and I made peace with that and got on with my life. It’s been an extraordinary journey ever since. I’ve seen and done things most people won’t experience in their lifetime in my 33 short years, and I really do want it all.

I want an unconventional life surrounded by artists and inspiring, creative people. I want incredible sex for as long as I can have it. I want a family, and a fat baby of my own. I want a silly dog with an over-developed sense of nobility. I want delicious meals, lots of music, a fan-following, and love, love, love.

It won’t always be easy. There will have to be concessions along the way, but you know, I’m looking at everything thus far and all I can say is…

Why the fuck not?

p.s. If you love or hate Valentine’s Day, and don’t yet have plans, I hope you’ll join us on February 13th for an unforgettable theatrical experience.




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