Mommy’s To-Do List – Week of July 29th


Weekend Highlights

On Friday night the grown ups went to catch my theatre company Les Coquettes at the first show of the Toronto Burlesque Festival. My troupe closed the show with a powerhouse number by the ladies, featuring a very pregnant babe who blew everyone’s minds by climbing up and doing a stunning silks routine. Yeah, I know, my girlfriends ROCK. We got to grab a bite after with almost everyone, and I may have had just a teensy bit too much to drink. It was delightful. Please pardon the grainy iPhone photos, we snapped them on the down low.


Saturday we returned to the city for a birthday party for the girls. Ayla is seriously missing her Toronto friends, and she was off the charts excited to be there. This gave us an opportunity to pick up a massive stack of mail from the old house, and visit with my auntie.

On Sunday Uncle Kyle came over and helped the grown-ups build our play structure. I was out of commission with a horribly stiff neck, but I was able to help prep lunch, which Khadija Mum made for my mom and brother. It was delicious and the weather was perfect yesterday. I had one of those days where I couldn’t believe I was in my own beautiful back yard.


VIP Tasks This Week

Swimming Lessons

All three of the monkeys are in swim lessons this week. I think I’ll have to rise early and get Noah fed and off for a nap before we head out, otherwise his nap falls right during class time. BAD IDEA. The girls are excited for any reason to be in the water. What’s with kids and pools?

Clear More Clutter

We need to bulldoze the garage and clear up some more space at home to get ready for the weekend barbeque and the arrival next week of our beloved English auntie and cousin. Besides, it’s almost been a month since we moved. I think it’s time to finally be settled.

What I didn’t get to last week:


I need to hit the Ministry of Transportation office and write my exam. I can’t enjoy any of my in-car lessons until I have my learner’s permit, and after subjecting myself to a classroom filled with sixteen-year-olds I need to reap the benefits of my ordeal!

Personal Goals

I’ve been kind of lazy about keeping my room tidy, and I’d like to get back on track with this, especially because we have guests this weekend. In fact, I think I need to get back on track with all manner of housekeeping. Being out of the house all week has really thrown me off.

My personal reading time hasn’t really happened. At all. I’m going to try harder to carve out some more time for this.

Things to Look Forward To

Pool Time!
I love being in the water with the baby, and I’m so glad to be able to do this every day this week. We have such a lovely local pool and community centre, it’s so nice to take advantage of.

The Library!
I had a small revelation last week. I love fashion magazines, but after looking at them once, they are usually in the recycling pile. What a waste! My solution – the library! I can get the current issue of most magazines, and return it for someone else to enjoy when I’m finished. I’m going to grab a stack one of these days while we’re at the pool, because the library is in the same building.

Birthday Fun Continues!
We couldn’t find a well-rated Mexican place that was within striking distance, but Uncle Kyle tipped us off about a place in the middle of nowhere (Winona) for my birthday feast, and it’s been causing a big stir. It’s called the Memphis Fire Barbeque Company and it was seriously, seriously delicious. I feel like it’s my duty now to take any visitors to this place.

Speaking of which, on Sunday the Toronto crew arrives for a birthday camp out on our property. I’m really looking forward to hosting most of my peeps, and their little ones.




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