Seriously?! Seriously.

Just when you thought it was safe to comfortably enjoy being alone, all your collective past demons rear their ugly heads in one giant wave of WTF.

The universe is throwing things in this general direction that continually serve to illustrate one point, and one point only – my heart is to be kept under glass like a Victorian curiosity under a hand-blown cloche from Denmark.

How did I ever believe any of the lies that issued forth from your lips like car exhaust from a bumper to bumper in a mid-July heatwave? I suppose it was for the sake of wanting to believe that nobody could be so evil. Or at least nobody that I could love would be so evil.

Tell me, oh vast universe, how do I even begin to move forward into love again? So many would say, “This is only making you stronger, so you can make better decisions for yourself”. I would say that it has hardened me to the point where ain’t nobody gonna get a piece of my homemade apple pie again. They’ll have to settle for a slightly cardboard flavored store bought facsimile.





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