There are days when all the walking in the woods doesn’t clear me of the desire to scream at the top of my lungs. I was in an open, polyamorous triad in which we were raising three children when I lived in Toronto and I was never subjected to the kind [...]

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I’m not convinced it was supposed to go down like this. When we met, I felt like I was pulled into his orbit by a force that was bigger than both of us. I had to find out what that feeling was all about. This was back before I learned [...]

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My Name, In Lights

I shouldn’t have agreed to go.To the couples’ therapy session we’d waited a month for, I mean. A month that felt like years. A month I couldn’t make it through because I was so exhausted of trying to bridge the gaping chasm that grew so wide between us.But I agreed, [...]

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Pandemic Fall

This is exactly how a Sunday morning should feel; I’m sitting in bed in the warm glow of the bedside lamp, and the rain is pattering outside. The screen of my laptop is reflecting the Gingko tree in the backyard, and she feels like she’s watching over me. My little [...]

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Another Post About Heartache

You may be inclined to think this is a cry for help. It’s not. I wrote it so you know you’re not alone in this madness.How’s your pandemic going?Mine’s a disaster.In the good old days (February), I was living in a one-bedroom apartment with two cats, my partner, and my [...]

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The Crow Herald

It’s been just over a week since I asked him to leave. At the new moon last Tuesday, I committed to transparency. To look at the last year, our year, and identify patterns. To search for the lessons in old journal entries, poems, blog posts and to uncover the truth [...]

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