Vacation Day Three

On this particular morning, Daddy got up in the wee hours while we all snoozed happily away. He brewed some coffee to take in a travel mug, and then he went to enjoy the anniversary gift that Mamma S and I got him (all her brilliant idea). He hit the race track at Disney to enjoy a few laps in a Ferrari 458.

I think he was back just after I got out of the shower. By his account it was money well spent and he had a great time. He was grinning like a little boy, and I only wish we had a photo, though I’m glad he didn’t shell out the requisite $$ to get one.

Our plan for day three was to do absolutely nothing, and that’s exactly what we did. We grabbed some breakfast, headed over to the main pool, and swam and relaxed until one of the daily thunderstorms forced the pool to close down in the late afternoon. It rained every single day of our trip, but usually only for a very short spell, and then it would return to glorious sun shine. On day three, the rain came, and more or less stayed for the rest of the day.

We returned to our hotel suite and enjoyed some Olympic television, some games (including the super popular Bananagrams) and some nap time. Daddy made a dinner reservation at a near by Italian restaurant for later, and when the rain stopped falling we took the girls to the little playground near our room to burn off some steam while Mama S enjoyed her nap. If you’re traveling with children to a place like Orlando where there is so much to see and do, I highly recommend you plan for at least one day like this. It was a much needed re-charging of all of our batteries.

Dinner was nice, and the restaurant was packed. It was an independent place (not a chain, like most of the restaurants we visited) and it seemed like it was in high demand. Even with a reservation we had to wait over half an hour for a table, but the food was delicious. Our server was from Niagara Falls, NY so she was well versed about Canada. She gave us some pointers about where we could take the girls to shop for the little trip souvenirs we promised they could get.

After dinner, and with an ice cream – crazed A in tow (something wild can happen with the mix of tired and ice cream) we set out to look for a souvenir shop. I think we were all a little bit done for the day, but we’d promised the kids the chance to shop, so we persevered. We ended up stopping at the biggest place we could find, and really just found a sea of crap inside. The kids took forever to make a choice, and the grown ups really needed to direct them because none of us wanted to make room for cheap plastic dolphin figurines and snow globes in our house. We all hate that kind of knick-knackky crap.

The final winners were a pair of tiny stuffed dogs with big pathetic eyes that could be clipped on to a bag or a belt loop. The girls settled on these with the promise that we’d make one more souvenir stop before the vacation was over. FYI, we set a dollar limit of course. Mamma S and I also found our own great souvenir, but decided the photo was enough of a trip memory.

Back at the hotel, we put the girls to bed, and then the three of us got in some Olympics before our eyelids grew too heavy. Even doing nothing all day really seemed to take it’s toll. Perhaps it was an indication of how much we needed our rest. Day four was Seaworld, and an early start.




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