Things Are About To Get Crazy In Here

But not before I hibernate a little.NOvember didn’t work out so well, but it is with a renewed sense of discipline that I look forward to Nice and Not Naughty December [NNND]. I truly am looking forward to this, although I’m not entirely sure what it means. I know it means no sex. I think it might also mean no dating, although I can think of one feller who wouldn’t get a “no” if he asked me out on a date. Perhaps two, but it’s early still… Here’s a test to see if any of my friends still read this…… View Post

A Skeleton Key Left On A Cafe Table

You’re a silent-film era sad clown.You’re the tramp with eyes like liquid chocolate pools.You are the standing-in-the-doorway while the entire frame of the house falls down around you in one great swoosh scene.How could anyone lie to such a sweet face? You are fingerless gloves gripping a dented tin cup.You have the most beautiful hands I’ve ever seen. The first time I saw you we were strangers sharing a train on the way to the big top.You had a bandanna tied around your neck like you were going to make us all reach for the stars.First I noticed your funny… View Post

A Love Note In My Lunch Box

The Three Stages of Women – Gustav Klimt Hi Schnoo, I was just sitting here in my quiet space and decided to go on your Schnooville site. I am glad I did. I just love reading your inner most thoughts and feelings. I feel like I just want to hold you in my arms as I did when you were a baby and rock you and protect you. I feel very blessed to have such a great daughter with so much talent in so many fields. My wish for you is to find your soul mate and be able to… View Post

Welcoming In “NO” vember

And what is that you ask?It’s the natural progression from Sober October.It is a self-imposed month of celibacy. That’s right. Celibacy. Why would a single, cosmopolitan gal like myself make such a choice? Well, for those of you who have read most of this blog, the answer is probably crystal clear. If you are a new reader, all you need to know is that I need to just be still. In my heart. In my home. When I was in the midst of my last big relationship, which was really not working, I used to imagine my single-hood. In my… View Post

Text messaging is the devil’s agent. It’s so easy. A few quick flicks of the thumb, and I’ve tossed my heart out into the ether again. Perhaps a ‘delete’ is in order, to spare me the ridiculousness of it all.This is a hard one. Which, to me only serves to illustrate the fact that I’ve made the right decision, but on nights like this, when I am home early and trying to think of creative ways to stay warm, it’s very difficult to be strong.Although it’s rather presumptuous of me to think my texting would be answered with a positive…… View Post