As I’m building my journal therapy practice, a big part of this work has been articulating how I came into reflective writing. With the help of my new marketing goddess, something has really struck me; my whole life has been about creating a safe container for story.My personal story, the [...]

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People keep asking me if I’m okay. It’s a yes and no answer because ultimately, I know I will emerge intact, and I can literally feel my resilience at work, but holy mother this is a painful period of my life. And I’m so very tired all the time. I [...]

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It’s the full moon. The first of two in the month of October. My friend Jenny Arndt tells me that this moon is in Aries and I know that means it’s the moon of my inner warrior. I always give things to the full moon. Things that no longer serve [...]

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There are days when all the walking in the woods doesn’t clear me of the desire to scream at the top of my lungs. I was in an open, polyamorous triad in which we were raising three children when I lived in Toronto and I was never subjected to the kind [...]

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I’m not convinced it was supposed to go down like this. When we met, I felt like I was pulled into his orbit by a force that was bigger than both of us. I had to find out what that feeling was all about. This was back before I learned [...]

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My Name, In Lights

I shouldn’t have agreed to go.To the couples’ therapy session we’d waited a month for, I mean. A month that felt like years. A month I couldn’t make it through because I was so exhausted of trying to bridge the gaping chasm that grew so wide between us.But I agreed, [...]

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