One Foot, Two Foot

There is nothing worse than a Monday that feels like the start of an impossible week.

Sometimes life gets so strange and sudden that I start to feel as though I am dreaming it – watching my life like watching a movie.

When the things you wanted just don’t turn out the way you plan, despite your noble intentions and best efforts, do you make lemonade? Historically, I’ve taken my basket and headed off to other orchards, but this time, I’m in the place I’ve been looking for all my life. It is inconceivable to consider going anywhere, and terrifying to stay right where I am.

In my heart of hearts I can feel that this is where I belong. I’m not sure how to belong here right now. How will this life will change shape, and how will it change us?

Inside all of the chaos, I feel a still, calm openness. I recognize that I cannot control events that unfold, but I feel more than ever like the Universe has a guiding hand upon my shoulder.




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