Thursday, Friday, Happy Days

Despite being self-employed and only having to shuffle as far as my living room to get to the office, I am looking forward to the weekend like I haven’t in a long, long while. I was far less productive than I had hoped to be this week, and my writing mojo has all but fizzled. I need to recoup, recharge, and regain my foothold on the order I had devised for myself.

I went to the dentist today, lured there by a Groupon deal that offered a serious discount for cosmetic teeth whitening. There has been a serious gap in my dental visits, and I have no medical coverage. Three x-rays later, I have something like nine cavities that need tending! Nine! The quote for the repair was ridiculous. I’m going to have to sell a kidney on Ebay to make this happen. The irony of course, is that I can’t have the whitening done until the repair work is done. Second opinion time.

Here’s my list of things I need today:



A neck/shoulder rub

Solid food for dinner instead of this week’s staple protein shake

Facebook to come back online

Some reading time

Some writing time


A weekend in the country is coming up, followed by some quiet time at home while the girls hang with their grandmother and auntie. I hope to be productive tomorrow, and end the week on a higher note than it began.

Hardest. Week. Ever.




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  1. Mark Schoenberg
    September 29, 2010 / 12:25 pm

    You can visit the dental school at U of T for a pittance. Excellent work, I’m told – by reliable sources. 9 cavities is no joke, girl. Investigate.