What’s In Your Closet?


Apologies for skipping yesterday’s Journal Project post. There was a lightning strike across the street, which felt like an explosion, and then the Internet went away for much of the day. In other parts of my life, other events had a smaller, but no less shattering impact. You can read all about that here.

I’m not going to write my own journal entry here for you today. I want to keep the slate clean, to help inspire you more. Today we’re going to look inside our closets, where we keep those not-so-pretty skeletons. They don’t stay in there long, and they have the oddest way of tumbling out on the floor in a stinking heap. Usually when you have guests over who you are trying to impress. Today we look at the ugly past, and see what can be done with it. Be advised, we will return to this topic later on down the road.


3. There’s a Skeleton in my Tickle Trunk


Think of one thing in your past that still creeps up from time to time to give you some crap-tastic feelings. I’m thinking of guilt feelings, shame, regret, sorrow, loss, anger, humiliation, disgust. Are you brave enough to write that thing down? Remember, our secrets have more power only when they are secrets, so if you name your skeleton, you’re one step closer to being able to put it in a box, with a label. How lovely and organized that could be!



Set a timer for 5 minutes and write down every word that comes to your mind as you reflect on this particular skeleton. Don’t worry about proper sentences. Don’t read the words after your timer goes off.



Set another 5 minute timer. This time write down every word you wish you could associate with this skeleton of yours. Don’t read these ones either.



What do you think could make you change the way you feel about this skeleton? Make a list of three possibilities, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. Skeletons are scary, but I think you’re pretty brave for even trying this particular exercise. Also, remember – skeletons aren’t alive anymore.


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