And Then Came the Dawn

Holy crap. Sorry for that last one.
I woke up to my dog’s cold wet nose in my ear and a fly tickling my left shoulder. I blinked twice, had an urgent craving for a glass of water, followed by the spins, and suddenly remembered my last entry. In true drunk ‘n dial fashion, I hoped it was a dream, but nope. It’s there for the world to see.
Last night wasn’t as bad as it sounded, actually. It’s just that tequila seems to lead to unnecessary tears and puddles of self-pity right now. In fact, I had a lovely dinner date with an old friend from college who may turn out to be a good prospect, and shared a cab ride home from the house party that led to my drunkenness with a very sweet fella who also shares my neighbourhood and my astrological sign.

A Leo boy and girl will bring out the best and brightest in each other. You are both energetic, glamorous and have an optimistic, fun outlook on life. You also share a sense of drama and you’ll have a lively time making life an adventure for two. With your affectionate and generous natures, you are sure to be good to each other and provide each other with all the emotional attention and little gifts that will make you both very happy. You will also have amazing physical chemistry and the kissing will be out of this world. A perfect soulmate match

I don’t know about all of that, but the cab ride was nice. In fact, we talked about babies, and he told me his last relationship ended because he wanted them and she didn’t. We stupidly forgot to exchange contact info, and I can’t really remember his name. Actually, maybe HE didn’t forget to exchange info. Yikes.

It’s perfectly rainy today, which is to say that I’m in the mood for a nice, cozy, rainy day. I’m also in the mood for some french toast, and I’m going to get both. Brunch with my girlfriends, and then perhaps some time spent at the regular Sunday bluegrass gig that the cute musician plays at every week. Although I could also very happily come back to the Fortress (where I am making good headway!) and continue plugging away at that.

So, in summary, despite my rather pathetic last post, all is more than well. Hope springs eternal, and the sun has at least metaphorically come out tomorrow.




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