A New Year’s Intentions Coloring Journal

I love the clean slate of a brand-spanking New Year. Yes I make resolutions. Yes I set goals. Yes, I am currently devouring Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map and planning to illuminate all of the feelings I wish to own  in 2016. There is  no greater ritual than starting fresh, and no greater time to emerge with a renewed sense of self than at the start of the New Year. I’m still enjoying the haze of holiday time with my family, but I wanted to make a little gift for you in case you also love the idea of setting some New Year’s Intentions.

new year's intentions

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What is the difference between a New Year’s intention and a resolution? I feel like it’s subtle, but the language seems gentler. I’ve made resolutions that haven’t stuck, and then guilt and shame keep me from reapplying my resolve. With an intention, it will fade in and out of my sphere of consciousness, but it’s always there, at the root of where I want to be, and I can embrace it whenever I need to, or am able to. It feels more malleable, more fluid. I’m avoiding all rigidity these days.

So, with the help of my talented friend, Charlene LeBlanc, I’ve created a fun little free download for you. You can find it right here. Print it out, get your colors, and just play with the ideas and images that come to mind as you reflect on both the year we are leaving behind, and the year that we’re gearing up towards.

Be kind to yourself. Be gentle and honest. Keep this little journal close and pull it out whenever you feel stuck, or like you need a jolt of motivation and self love. Your New Year’s Intentions can shift and change. Chronicle those changes, and tune into what is illuminating them for you.

Have a very safe New Year’s Eve. Be in love and in light. Take care of your heart. Honor the year that was.

Happy New Year to you all.

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